2014 Windy Ridge Ranch Calendar of Events

Feb 23 Valentine's Fun Show (WRRHC)
Apr. 25-27 Minnesota Horse Expo at the State Fairgrounds. See www.mnhorseexpo.org.
May 11 Marcia Ward Memorial Schooling Show (WRRHC)
May 16-18 Otter Creek Spring Horse Trial in Wheeler, WI. See www.ottercreekfarm.com
May 25 3-Ring Circus Schooling Show at Carriage House Farms, Hugo, MN. See www.stcroixsaddlery.com
June 1 Carriage House Combined Test at Carriage House Farms, Hugo, MN. See www.csdea.org
June 16-19 4-H Camp (Valley Shamrocks 4H)
June 29-July 1 Zumbro Bottoms Overnight Camping
July 20 Dick Kachel Memorial Fun Show (WRRHC)
July 29-30 4-H Show at Washington County Fair
July 30-31 Drill Team and JETs perform at Washington County Fair
Aug 3 3-Ring Circus Schooling Show at Carriage House Farms
Aug 8-10 Otter Creek Summer Horse Trial. www.ottercreekfarm.com
Sept. 30-Sept. 1 MN State Fair (Drill Team, JETs, and other riders participating)
Sept.-Oct. Pouring Wine Fundraiser at St. Croix Vineyards (more info in August)
Sept. 6-7 Roebke's Run Fall Horse Trial. See www.csdea.org
Sept. 13 Barn Dance & Silent Auction (WRRHC)
Sept. 19-21 Otter Creek Fall Horse Trial. See www.ottercreekfarm.com
TBD - Oct. 26 or Nov. 2? Halloween Fun Show
Oct. 16-20 Hagyard Midsouth Horse Trial at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY