My favorite horse of all time.

The best of the best.

Now put to rest.

Goodbye my friend.

I will never forget you.



A midi file, Pachelbel's Canon (in the fashion of George Winston) -- made just for Brutus  on the synthesizer tonight -- will sound while this page is displayed.


Brutus, at age 4, arrived at the Windy Ridge Ranch on Sept. 28, 1979.  He was a dynamic mount, ever energetic and long striding.  For several years he served as my principal riding horse and won ribbons in state and local shows in all types of events, including driving, pleasure, and games. In the mid-80's he became Emmerson's and then Benton's show horse.  He could be trusted to do every event with enthusiasm and style. Benton rode him in the MN State Fair Drill Team competition when he (Benton) was just seven years old. 

Brutus entered the business of teaching riding lessons as a 4 year-old.  He continued giving riding lessons until yesterday, June 27, 2002, a career spanning almost 23 years. 

A few days ago, at age 28, Brutus began having difficulty getting up after lying down.  This is a problem not uncommon in older horses, as their hind legs lose muscle tone and coordination.  It worsened suddenly for Brutus and we had him humanely euthanized as soon as it was apparent he was going to be suffering. 

On his last day, Brutus bummed around with his best pal, Buck, and received the flirtatious attention of his girl-friend, Filly.   He enjoyed special treats from his most recent favorite little rider.  And his end was peaceful and painless.

Brutus earned a place in my heart and he earned  the love and affection of countless riders whom he bore with such grace and nobility.

Brutus, with his kind eye and trustworthy manner, will always be my favorite horse.