Charlie, our beautiful Morgan gelding, age 22, was euthanized Monday, March 31, 2008.

Charlie was a champion for all the 18 years he was a WRR schooling horse. Under the excellent ridership of Hilary Rice, he won more first places and high point trophies than any other WRR horse has ever won before or since. He often took high points at shows in both games and pleasure. And he became another kind of champion in my mind when he turned into a fantastic pee wee horse, able to remain dependable calm for the youngest and smallest beginners.

This said, it is interesting that when Charlie first arrived here, he was a virtual horsey basket-case, unable to be approached by a rider without becoming unmanageably nervous if that rider was carrying a saddle. He was scary to all casual observers. But his older brother Zam had proved to be a wonderful and tractable gelding, so Charlie was given a chance to improve. And improve he did, rapidly. Within two months of "retraining" Charlie became relaxed and obedient a pleasure to ride and he was started in lessons and shortly thereafter he joined the leasing program.

Lots of stories will be told about Charlie, now that he is gone, and most of them will be about his charm, his great spirit, and his loving nature. And some of the stories will be about his quirks and his sometimes prankster attitude. But all will be told with fond memories and with love. Charlie was a lover. Everyone who knew him well was in love with him. I know I was.


Here's Charlie in the fall of 2007 with Jenny Finch.


And on March 29th, 2008 with Kassie Hatfield...