Cosmos went to greener pastures Thursday morning, March 4th, 2010, after a brief bout with colic, which he handled stoicly. He died on the way to the vet. We will have the UofM pathology lab examine his exact cause of death.

Cosmos, a 16.2-hand 19-year-old thoroughbred, came to WRR as a yearling. He was a full brother to Red (Mark's favorite riding horse).

Cosmos was uniquely smooth-gaited and calm for a thoroughbred, making him a favorite mount for riders age 7 to adult.

He will be missed by his many riders, including lessees Clare and Cathy, as well as his four-footed girlfriend, Sugarfoot.

Thanks for the great rides and good times, Cosmos!

A Poem


Photos & Memories of Cosmos


Clare and Cosmos

Cathy and Cosmos on the trail with Hannah and Hayley

  Read Eryn's Story See Photos of Cosmos as Herd Leader

Goodbye Cosmos
By Mark Ward

Cosmos was a great-hearted fellow.
A strong and sturdy thoroughbred--and mellow.
Good for kids and great for adults.
He had few surprises and fewer faults.
Some would chuckle and call him names,
Because Cosmos was full of horsy games.
He was a leader of the gelding pack,
He would chase others and they would chase him back.
He would climb manure mountain, and that pile -- he would own.
He would splash in big puddles, his purpose unknown.
Once he got his tail caught on a tree. 
He was pretty excited when he got it free. 
And once he stuck his foot through a barnyard gate.
He stood there patiently awaiting his fate.
I just needed help him turn his hoof to the side.  
And then he just walked away, as if there was nothing to hide.
Cosmos was a simply a great-hearted horse.
And we loved him just as a matter of course.
He was cute in a long-faced sort of way.
And it saddens me to say,
It brings a tear to my eye,
To say goodbye.


Eryn Hoium's Memories

When I first came to the Windy Ridge Ranch for lessons I rode Penny and Gammon and just thought they were the greatest. Little did I know that I had not met that one horse that I would have a bond with for the rest of my life.

When I was 14 years old I started leasing Cosmos. I did not know who he was and accidentally brought in Cody. Then Mark showed me the gentle giant. I was amazed at his large size but with all that large size was a big heart to match. Everyone who knows him knew he was definetly not the brightest horse at the ranch, hitting his head on inanimate objects, getting his feet stuck in places you would not think a horse hoof could get stuck, but good ole Cos always did.

I never thought about showing until one year I said hey lets try tandem. Cosmos lead me and Cassie when I was 15 to State Fair where we placed 6th and then a year later with Heather where we got 4th. One of my favorite things about Cosmos was his liveliness. You would let him out in the feed lot and he would take off at a gallop and rile up the other horses. But he was also gentle, letting junior beginners on him.

He may not have been the fastest or the brightest horse but he was my best friend through my 2 years with him.


Photos by Angie Schroeder, taken summer 2009
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cospho cospho1



By Emma Atkins

 There comes a time where we may cry
because we have to say good bye
we must be kind and caring too
so we can help our friends get through
Cosmos has gone to greener pasture
but he will be missed.
Good bye Cosmos