Mokie, 1992-2007

Kathy takes Mokie across the
Root River at Forestville State Park,
May of 2007

Remembering Mokie
by Mark Ward

Mokie was a stalwart horse.
He could spin on a dime.
He was powerful and fast, graceful and sure-footed.
For a while he was mine
and his lessees': Mary, Brittany, Deirdre, Katy Lynn and especially Kathy.
Many students rode him and enjoyed his motion.
Mokie was popular. He was trusted and treated with devotion.
I can't say anyone ever told me they enjoyed his trot, though it certainly was a "powerful" trot.
You could say Mokie "gave it all that he got."
His walk was ground-covering and smooth. His canter was pure delight.
Mokie was a great horse, in every right.

Katy Lynn's Memories | Katy Lynn's photos
My first time meeting Mokie I never had the intention of riding him again, let alone leasing him. In the feedlot he ran from me, he wouldn’t stand still while I groomed him, getting his girth tightened was a story in its own, and 10 minutes after the lesson started, Mark found me standing on a mounting block trying to get his bridle on. Riding him change everything. He changed into a different horse. When riding him he wanted nothing more then to please his rider. He listened so keenly to your voice and leg but at the same time you got the excitement out of the feeling of a horse that just wanted to go.

Last summer we were practicing poles during a lesson. I had managed to get fly spray all over my saddle and my saddle was extremely slippery. Mokie was as excited as can be and when I asked him to go he flew. For anyone that knew Mokie they would know that he could turn on a dime and when we went around that first pole I slid right off. It took me a long time to get up and when I did I was amazed to find Mokie standing right next to me I was even more amazed when I got back on him he stood so perfectly still until I was ready to ride, and then he started prancing around with me imagining him saying, “Come on Katy, can we go again, please Katy! I really want to go again.” 

My last ride on Mokie was during Drill Team practice. We had only just recently joined the team, but Mokie was an outstanding Drill Team horse. Half the time we (actually me) didn’t have a clue what was going on. You would hear a lot of, “Katy go right, NO! Go left, ok now go this way. During these times Mokie was graceful, surefooted, and ready for my next cue.

Some of fondest memories I have and will always have of Mokie are: trail rides with Sara, his imagination getting away with him, him searching my pockets while I picked out his hooves, the late night talks we had these last few months, watching new people meet him and going through the same experience I had when I first met him knowing that they will return happy as can be, and most of all the confidence he gave me when I rode him.

Mokie was my first horse love and he will always have a place in my heart.

~I love you Mokie, thank you for all the wonderful memories