On Jan 18th we celebrated Vandy's 31st birthday in the Tuesday 9:30 a.m. riding lesson.  Vandy received a special cake (made by Marcia) which consisted of a Purina Equine Senior Complete Feed mash formed-up in a bundt pan with little carrots in place of birthday candles.  Vandy absolutely loved it and ate most of it before we could snap a photo.  We even sang Happy Birthday to her. You can listen to our singing, but I can't say that we all started in the same key. So it goes sometimes. Click here to hear: Vandy's happy birthday song.


Left to right: Racer & Deb Girard (who provided the party hats), Jackpot & Ginny Buell, Traveler & Ann Altman, Marcia with Vany & Jamie Cambpell, Mokie & Ron Smith, Zippity & Sondra Chapin, Gammon & Mary Ellen Splinter, Sugarfoot & Heidi McKenzie, Xena and SHannon Whittaker.


Vandy_in_Tiara.jpg (67715 bytes) Don't miss this photo of Vandy in her birthday tiara.


Vandy's_special.jpg (56019 bytes) Vandy's birthday ribbon.