Zane Grey, 1988-2007


Thoughts on Zane Grey
by Mark Ward

The cutest horse I ever had,
Zane was always good and never bad.

Zane was a thrill to ride
Right up to the end
A partner by your side,
a little horsy friend.

Zane could give every rider just what was needed.
He had just the right amount of "go."
For daredevils all caution was unheeded.
For pee-wees he was calm and slow.

Zane could fly.
He was a speedy barrel horse.
He never asked why,
Just ran the course.

Zane was a jumper too,
Over the jumps he flew--
But we have often talked
About how he balked.

Zane could approach a jump at full speed,
Plant his feet as if to leap,
Then just as his rider pressed forward to jump,
Zane stopped in mid-motion. He froze on the spot.
And off his back, his rider would be shot.
This terrific balk, Zane could repeat,
But never when expected.
It was a sight to see and no mean feat,
Something riders prepared-for and respected.

Zane took a lot of jumps very nicely,
Just enough to make it fun for his student.
But he never jumped a jump he didn't want to.
Which maybe for Zane was prudent.

Zane had many friends amongst the herd,
Even had some lovers, you know.
He was Penny's greatest hero ever,
And Sage's adoring Lothario.
Zane was one of the "gelding band"
Who played hard and pretended to fight.
Though sometimes it seemed to get out of hand,
Zane always managed it just right --
And he kept his friends forever.

He touched the hearts of many a rider
And as I said, he was the cutest.
I would wish for a horse just like him,
But there will never be another.

Zane and Erica on the trail

A winning team on JETs



Zane and Zoe Kunkel win a ribbon

By Zoe Kunkel
I am a former rider from the St. Croix Equestrian Center and I came to WRR looking for a place that I could do some fun stuff like doing shows. And I was not so sure about riding at a new barn cause when I came to WRR I was leaving a whole bunch of horses that I loved at St. Croix. I had leased a horse out there and leaving him was hard. But when I rode Zane I could find a lot of things in common with my old lease. I left horses that I loved but if I left WRR I would be leaving a horse that I loved a lot too, so I stayed. I will miss Zane so much!!

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