In Memory of Zam and Handyman




Zam (1983-2006) died on Monday, June 26th due to an incurable general infection. 

Zam, a 16h Morgan, served as a WRR schooling horse most of his life. In 1984, when Zam was 18 months old, I trained him for a family in Afton. Because he was the easiest horse I had ever worked with I told the owner that if he ever sold Zam I wanted to be the first to know.  In 1988 I did get to buy him.  Zam came to live at the WRR as a 5-year-old and became one of our best schooling horses, a favorite for both advanced and beginner riders for eighteen years.

 Zam was gentle, forward moving, and light on the aids. Zam could do flying lead changes with the best of them! And he was obedient and sweet to small children. 

 Zamís only odd characteristic was a tendency to shoulder-check other horses during game play.  It was pretty easy to catch other horses and riders in a good game of tag because Zam was out to get them too! 

 Zam acquired many admirers in his life. Especially in the last couple years he befriended many riders. He both gave and received comfort and friendship. All who knew him well loved him, will miss him, and will remember him fondly. 


 Handyman (1989 Ė 2006) was euthanized June 27th due to severe auto-immune disease causing a variety of debilitating symptoms.

 Handyman, a 14.3h Quarterhorse, was a hard-working and energetic little horse.  He loved to go fast and always carried his riders with impulsion.  His gaits were large and ground covering.  His strides were so long at the gallop that when he was running full speed he gave the deceptive appearance of effortless slow-motion.  Handyman placed second in the Camas Prairie Stump Race at the State Fair one year.  In his last few years allergies slowed Handymanís performance but I will always think of him as a fast little guy, tough as nails, but kind-hearted and gentle with kids. All who cared for him and had the pleasure of riding him will miss him greatly.

Here's a shot of Zam at the County Fair.