WRR Group Lesson Policies

November 28, 2014

How do I register for the next session? Do I fill out another form?
Continuing students do not need to fill out a registration form. Just mail a check or leave payment in the brass payment box, noting the student's name and class time (and dates of planned absences). Continuing students will have a spot reserved for them in the same class if payment reaches WRR by the registration deadline. Check the Session Calendar on the web site or office bulletin board for the deadline. Please allow adequate time if registering by mail. See Prices.

What if I know I can't make all the lesson dates?
Option 1. You can pay the full session price and make up a planned absence in another class if there's space. When you register, include a note with the other class date & time you wish to substitute. Include all possible time options. If we can't find a space for you, we can provide credit or a refund.

Option 2. You can register for as few as 4 lessons. Please check the Prices page for the cost of 4 lessons. However, you must include a note with your payment saying which lesson date(s) you will miss.

Unplanned absences after the session has begun cannot be refunded and we cannot guarantee a makeup time. See Missed Lessons below.

Can I add a lesson after the session has begun?
If you are already registered for a class, you can add additional lessons on a different day. Check the roster for available spaces and then confirm with us. Please refer to the Prices page for applicable amounts.)

What's the price for signing up for fewer than four lessons?
Lessees and previous students may check with us for availability once a session has begun to sign up for between 1 and 3 lessons. Please refer to the Prices page for applicable amounts.)

If I miss a class, can I do a makeup or get a refund?

Makeup Policy:

Practice Riding as a Makeup for a missed lesson is an option according to the following policy:

Cancellations -- Can I cancel after I have registered and get a refund?
The New Student Registration fee of $20 is non-refundable after we have sent you an email or left a phone message to confirm your spot in class.

If you need to cancel after we have confirmed your spot in class but before the session begins, we may be able to apply your payment to a future session, or, if we find a replacement for your spot, refund you (minus a $20 fee).

Refunds and credits are not available after the session begins.

Lessons cancelled by WRR due to weather, illness of instructor, etc. are rescheduled by the instructor or fully refunded.  See weather cancellation policy for details.