To schedule a make-up lesson, please go to the ROSTER, (under LESSONS) then click on MAKE-UP SPACES.  Look for any conveniently timed planned absence that corresponds to your class level (beginner, adv. beginner or Int./Adv).  The number of open spaces for each class during each week of the session will be listed.  The weeks are listed as 1, 2, 3, etc.  Therefore, you may need to go back to the roster to determine the exact date of a class in which you are interested in doing a make-up.  Then email me with the time and date of your proposed make-up as well as the date and time of the regularly scheduled class you will be missing. I will then confirm whether or not the proposed make-up time is still available and which horse you should ride.  The Thursday and Saturday jumping classes are available for make-ups to current jumping students only.

For details regarding our make-ups policies, click here.


Mark Ward



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