Staying Warm While Riding in the Winter. It's possible if you dress right! Here are some head-to-toe suggestions for cold weather riding gear:

Head -- wear a thin hat, headband or winter helmet cover. If your head is warm, the rest of you will stay warmer.

Face -- bring a facemask in case we go outside for a ride. Goggles help a lot on a windy day!

Neck - keep those chilly winds and snowflakes from going down your neck with a neck warmer -- which can also be pulled up over your face.

Hands -- windproof thinsulate-lined leather gloves or mittens, or ski mittens or gloves work best, with hand warmers. Avoid thin cotton or polyester which tends to get wet and lets wind through.

Torso -- layers are key! Avoid cotton, if you can, which which traps moisture.

1. Start with a long underwear shirt such as merino wool, silk, or polypropylene (not cotton).

2. Add a turtleneck, sweater, or light fleece.

3. Add another layer, such as a down vest, and/or

4. Finish with a windproof, winter jacket that will trap heat but let perspiration escape.

Legs -- again, layers are key!

1. Start with long underwear such as merino wool, silk, or polypropylene (not cotton).

2. Add riding pants or winter ski pants and/or

3. Finish with windproof, insulated pants (snow pants, wind pants, winter riding breeches)

Feet -- wear wool or winter sport socks, with or without sock liners. Use toe warmers and wear winter boots.