Full Leasing vs. Half Leasing

Cost Difference of Full vs. Half-Leasing

If the lessee remains in WRR group lessons, a full lease is only about $56 more per month (on average over a year contract) than a half lease.  See our current Price List for lesson and leasing prices.

Usage Difference for Half vs. Full Lease

With a half lease, you also share the horse's available time with another rider.  This means that you need to work out a schedule with your co-lessee so you both do not ride at the same time or participate in the same activities.  If you wish to participate in many or all of WRR's programs and activities, you may find it difficult or impossible to find another rider with whom to equitably share a horse's available time. When choosing a half-share lessee, you should keep in mind that WRR no longer permits both half lessees to ride at the same time for the purpose of the Drill Team or JETs (even though one of the lessee's is willing to ride another horse and pay an additional fee).  To avoid conflict later, before a half-share lease is signed, a riding plan should be in place with your co-lessee.  WRR has a Half-Share Leasing Agreement Form  to help you accomplish this task.

Sharing a Horse with WRR

Whether full or half leasing, you'll share the horses available time with WRR.  WRR has priority use of the horse for such events as lessons, birthday parties, girl scout troop rides and practice riding.  However, we are willing to work around your schedule whenever possible.

See our Leasing Policies for other important information on full and half-leasing.