Images of horses at WRR by Carol McCarty on You Tube
cody thumb

Drawing by Caitlyn Cody August, 2010


dev Original pencil sketch by Dev Sele, March 2009


Safety Tips: Mount & Dismount (4.5 mb Video for broadband)
                   Pulley Rein (5 mb)


photon rolling

This is a very cute video of Photon rolling (by Brittney F.)

Check it out -- this camel does flying lead changes!

Use this link to see Granite play with the giant soccer ball.

Lorenzo has another great video on youtube. This guy is absolutely amazing! Check youtube for earlier videos. Amazing Roman riding.
Hard to believe! In this video horses are jumping 7 feet 10½  inches !!!
lynne on indee

Lynne doesn't always get the smooth ride she expects. See her entertaining videos, taken recently, in a rodeo arena not far from fantasy land.

Video 1 She lasts 8 secs.
Video 2 She doesn't.



Click the image to see an enlarged view of the frog-horse
Horses Singing
(Click on each horse image to hear them sing)


4 horses


Can You Name These WRR horses?


Recent photo & artwork by students (Click on the image for enlargement)



Bridleless Riding! Here are the amazing videos of Stacy Westfall riding a reining pattern bridleless. The club now owns 5 of her training DVDs. Go to the club library page to borrow one.

And here is a link to Stacy Westfall's website.


Winter riding is fun too! Here's a link to a video of Mark ski-jorring behind Brendan & Tally.


Horse Name Word Search Puzzle


Artwork of WRR horses and dogs.

Carol McCarty took this beautiful photo of Samson & Sugarfoot (Feb, 2008) Click to enlarge.

A reminder from a WRR student that helmets save lives.
Important Weather Fact for unprotected horses:
A 3/4 inch hailstone (quarter-size) hits the earth at about 37 mph. A 3 inch hailstone can hit the earth at speeds as high as 100 mph!
rollback Animated rollback -- WRR original artwork.


How much weight can a horse carry?

WRR Logo.jpg (37037 bytes)


The WRR logo in a rainbow animation.



Branded.mpg file, for those of you wanting to see someone getting kicked by a horse.


A spelling lesson for the WRR horses.

Atomic Time


Use this link to set your watch.  Never be late to riding lessons again!
RECIPES Favorite foods enjoyed at WRR events