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Practice Riding Policies

Practice Riding Prices

Practice Riding and Trail Test

Trail Riding Rules

Riding Rules: Horse Usage Agreement & Stable Use Agreement




*     Currently enrolled WRR lesson students. (And some previous WRR students with advanced skills and special permission.)

*      Rider must demonstrate independent control of the horse during WRR lessons and be able to identify, catch and tack assigned horse alone.

*     Rider must pass the WRR Practice Riding & Trail Test. The riding portion of the test can be done in class -- just ask during a class. At the time the riding test is passed, the written portion is to be submitted.

*      Rider and parent/guardian must thoroughly read and sign the WRR Riding Rules (Horse Usage and WRR Stable Agreements), which is to be submitted along with the Practice Riding and Trail Test. These agreements contain rules which must be followed.

*      Riders and their parents must willing to accept the additional risks and responsibilities of riding outside of a supervised class. Passing the test does not mean that you may take horses out of WRR arenas. You must have permission the first time you wish to ride in areas other than the indoor or outdoor arenas.

*      Passing the test does not mean that you may take horses out of WRR arenas. You must have permission the first time you wish to ride in areas other than the indoor or outdoor arenas.


WRR Practice Riding Policies

*     Practice riding is for the purpose of practicing what you are learning in class and improving your riding skills. Use a saddle for most or all of your ride and plan exercises to focus on. There are books in the office with arena exercise ideas.

*      WRR does not supervise Practice Riding. For their safety, all riders under the age of 13 years must have parental supervision. WRR reserves the right to require supervision for anyone under 18 years of age. Supervision means being at WRR during the ride.

*      Ride only the horse assigned to you. You may not switch horses, unless the horse is lame or sick, or the lessee shows up. If the lessee of the horse you are riding wishes to ride, you can let the lessee know how much longer you are planning to ride. The lessee may decide to wait for you to finish. Or the lessee may request their horse, in which case the lessee will catch and groom a suitable replacement horse (which you must have previously ridden or had permission to ride).

*     You may not ride tandem, or "try" another rider's horse during your practice ride.


*      A PR request must be made with WRR at least 24 hours in advance. Do not contact the lessee. Prior to making a request, check availability of the horse you wish to ride using the horse utilization. Email If you do not receive an OK in time, DO NOT come out to practice ride. Avoid asking to PR during heavy barn use time such as during lessons (especially when lessons have to be indoors due to the weather or footing). No PRs on Saturdays.

*      When you arrive at the ranch and before you get your horse, sign in to the practice riding log book and leave payment. 

Calculating riding/usage time

*      Practice riding time begins when the horse is tacked up and ends when you last get off the horse. If the horse is still hot, it must be walked until cool, which is part of the ride time. During winter, if the horse is cool but still excessively wet, it must be reasonably dry before you put it out (this might take 30 minutes).

*      When making up for a missed lesson, practice ride time is equal to missed lesson time. 

*      Do not leave your horse tied unattended more than 10 minutes. If your horse is tied up more than 10 minutes per hour of riding time, consider this part of your practice riding time.