WRR  PRACTICE RIDING AND TRAIL TEST        (updated November 2011)     [open printable .pdf version]


Name of rider:________________________________

All items on this test need to be correctly answered prior to practice or trail riding at the Windy Ridge Ranch.  Feel free to ask about these items during class.  Please leave completed test in the brass box in the office, or mail it to 2700 Manning Av So, Manning Av, Woodbury, MN 55129

1.   Passed tacking-up test: [     ] Practical test in class--must be able to tack-up the horse, meeting standards for rider safety and horse-comfort.

2.   Passed cantering trail test: [     ] Ridden test in class--must be able to travel in a straight line with heels down and seat firmly in the saddle.

3.   Passed pulley-reining trail test[     ] Ridden test in class--must be able to quickly halt the horse from canter with correct pulley-rein technique.
4.   Passed trotting emergency dismount:  [     ] Ridden test in class--must do emergency dismount landing facing forward and without getting hung-up on saddle.

5.   Signed Riding Rules (Horse & Stable Use Agreement) submitted:  [     ]

6.   When leaving the ranch, the last person out should ________________ and _______________ the red pedestrian gate between the parking lot and small barn.  If you're not sure you are the last person, you should __________ & ____________ it just to be on the safe side.

7.   List four important trail riding rules:




8.   When opposing riders meet in the ring, each rider should stay: [  ] Left  or  [  ] right.        

9.   What is the #1 cause of accidental death in horses and how can you help prevent it at the Windy Ridge Ranch and on trail rides? (Hint: not a disease or ailment.)


10.   Why is it dangerous to ride a horse hard immediately after it has received a full grain ration?


11. Which bit is more severe, a plain snaffle or a curb bit?  [  ] Snaffle  or  [  ] Curb     Explain why:




12. Imagine you're on a trail, your horse has been stung by a bee and has taken off at a gallop -- you are unable to stop him by leaning back, pulling on the reins and yelling whoa!!! 

Now what do you do? 

If that didn't work, now what should you try? (Hint: not the emergency dismount)