About Lessons

Our lesson program is currently full but we can add interested students to a waiting list. Please contact us for more information. .

Group Lessons - Ages 9 through Adult

Year-round group lessons on our schooling horses, for beginners to advanced. We ride inside our insulated arena or outside in one of two outdoor rings, throughout our pastures and on trails around adjacent farm fields. See Class Level Descriptions.

Waiting List & Visiting

If you think you or your rider might be right for our lessons, please contact us first about our waiting list and to see if we recommend visiting a lesson.

Class Level Descriptions

Class size: Up to 6
Description: The horses are tacked (in English saddles) and ready for the students when they arrive. Forty-five minute lessons are in the ring and on the trail and include simple and fun exercises that promote confidence in controlling the horse. Students will learn how to untack the horse and put it back out.
Appropriate for:

Class size: Up to 6
Description: One hour lessons (with English or western saddles) focus on posture, gaining a balanced seat and steering and controlling the horse through various gaits. New riders learn how to halter, lead, groom and tack the horse. Riding in our indoor and outdoor arenas and out on trails, bareback riding, games on horseback, and time for questions may all be a part of the session.
Appropriate for:

Class size: Up to 6
Description: The focus at this level is on refining balance, posture and using aids correctly. Lessons may include dressage exercises, ground pole work, games and riding on the trail.
Appropriate for:

Appropriate for: New students with extensive experience, or continuing WRR students, who have developed an independent seat and hands and are able to positively effect the way of going on a variety of horses. Riders will be able to do half halts, transitions within gaits and lateral movements.

Fitness Guidelines

Learning to properly ride and control a horse takes strength, coordination and flexibility. Those considering our group lessons should be in good to excellent physical condition. Overweight or weak riders are at higher risk of falling off and injury. We reserve the right to refuse or terminate lessons based on fitness level or other safety factors. For those in the process of getting back into shape or those with other physical limitations, we recommend private lessons at another facility. (Find private lesson stables on the Minnesota Horsemen's Directory.)

How Much Weight Can a Horse Carry?

A horse can carry about 20% of its own weight, including tack. (English tack weighs 15-30 pounds; western tack up to 50 pounds), A horse can handle a heavier experienced, well-balanced rider but we limit beginner riders to 210 pounds for our string of schooling horses (weighing an average of 1200 pounds.).