Registered Student FAQs

Getting Started

Arrival and Departure Times
Those in our Beginner and up classes should arrive 30-45 minutes before class time (no earlier) to get the horse ready. At the very first class, arrive 20 minutes early. Junior Beginnerriders may arrive 10 minutes before class time, or right at class time, since we get the horses ready. Please make sure you put your horse back out within 15 minutes after class time.

When to Get On

After you have shown in class that you can get on unassisted and control the horse, you can get on no earlier than 10 minutes before class (Junior Beginners should ask each time to see if it’s okay to get on 10 minutes early to make sure the instructor is present). During this warm-up time, ride at the walk only.

After Class
Run your stirrups up, remove the saddle and bridle and put it all away. Junior Beginners don’t need to untack, but are welcome and encouraged to. Quickly run a brush over the horse where the saddle was. Put away crops and brushes. Clean up manure your horse may have made. Put your horse back out in the paddock or where you got it from (or ask if you aren’t sure where the horse should go). Please make sure you put your horse back out 15 minutes after class time.

Horse Assignments
You’ll have the same horse for the whole session, unless there’s an injury. We may change your horse when a new session begins to challenge your riding skills.  If you are having problems with your assigned horse, please let Mark know right away. 

During Class:

Petting Horses & Horse Treats: Please ask. Horses in stalls may bite. Some horses can't have treats. Please don’t give treats to other people’s horses or horses in stalls. Carrots, apples, sugar cubes or other horse treats are okay to bring for your horse (unless we tell you that your horse has a restricted diet). Do not bring treats in plastic bags -- horses will eat bags and all! Do not feed treats in the paddock, to horses in stalls, or at the gate to the paddock.

What To Wear

Helmets. We do provide helmets but many end up buying their own equestrian helmets. (We don’t allow bike helmets). In the winter you’ll want to add a thin hat, headband, balaclava or a fleecy helmet cover.

Long pants. Jeans, riding pants or other long pants. Snow pants in the winter keep you warm.

Footwear. A shoe or boot with a small heel will suffice. Good riding shoes or boots provide traction in the stirrup, can be easily removed from the stirrup and will protect the foot somewhat if you get stepped on by a horse. Poor choices include tennis shoes, crocs, sandals, boots with a deep lug sole, or fashion boots with a tall heel. If you have rain or mud boots, those are a great addition for days when the paddock has deep mud. If you get riding boots, either paddock boots or tall boots are fine. Some people find half chaps helpful with paddock boots. Snow boots or winter riding boots can help keep your feet warm in the winter.

Gloves. Gloves any time of year can help you grip the reins and prevent chafing. In colder months, warm gloves or mittens will be needed. We often use hand warmers.

Rainwear. We sometimes ride in light rain, so come prepared. Ponchos are not a good choice for riding as they flap in the wind.

Other. Be sure to dress for the weather. We ride outside whenever possible and inside only when it’s raining/snowing/blowing hard or if the outdoor footing isn’t suitable for the horses. In the winter our insulated indoor arena stays about 20 degrees warmer than outside but it still gets cold. Dress in layers in cold weather. A base layer of light wool or poly helps. In the heat of the summer, stay hydrated and wear breathable clothes and footwear.

Missed Class & Makeup Policy

Weather Cancellations

As we have an indoor arena, we only cancel in the case of an extreme weather event (major storm that closes businesses and schools and/or temperatures colder than -5 degrees or hotter than 95 degrees). In such a case, we email you and post it on the website at least two hours prior to class time, and/or we may call you. We will then either reschedule a cancelled class or issue a credit or refund. We do not provide refunds or credits for those who don’t want to come or can’t make it to class when the weather is bad – unless we cancel the class.

How to Register for the Next Session

Re-register via your My Page account and then send or drop off a check by the deadline. Registration deadlines are noted at the top of each Session Calendar.  We try to announce the deadlines in class, but please watch our website and your email so you are aware of the deadlines. Your same spot is reserved in the next session if you pay by the deadline. If you want to switch class times, go ahead and register by the deadline and we’ll let you know if it worked out.

Returning Students who haven't been in lessons for a while and don't yet have account, use this link: Returning Student Registration.