Leasing a WRR Schooling Horse

WRR’s share-a-horse leasing program gives serious riders an affordable way to enjoy riding outside of lessons. Our lessees appreciate the connection they develop with their leased horse without the costs of horse ownership. They also learn the responsibilities of caring for a horse, gaining skills that can lead to horse ownership.

Who Can Lease & How to Request a Lease

We consider a rider’s maturity, skill level, riding interests and other factors when assigning leases. If you are an enrolled WRR student who has some practice riding under your belt, you may be eligible for a lease. After reading everything on this page, including all the links, email us with your goals & interests and the type of horse you are interested in. Minors should have parents contact us. We usually have a long waiting list; even if a few horses are available, you might need to wait for a suitable horse or co-lessee.


Lease Rates

Full Lease: $340.

Half Lease: $225

Tack Room Rental: $15/month 1 saddle rack. $20/month for 2 saddle racks.

Current & Available Leases

Horse & Stable Use Agreement

Leasing vs. Owning Cost Comparison

Lease Policies

Half vs Full Lease

Most of our horses have two half leases. Full leases are available for certain horses and certain riders. If your co-lessee drops their lease and we can’t find a suitable co-lessee, we may ask that you switch to a full lease.

Lessee Responsibilities

  • Lease payments are due the first of the month.
  • Lessees stay in WRR lessons most of the year and are committed to continuous learning.
  • Lessees pay for basic grooming supplies such as fly spray, hoof care products, any WRR-approved dietary supplements that are not part of WRR’s feeding program, as well as any out-of-the-ordinary farrier or vet needs for showing or arduous trail riding.
  • Lessees are expected to have the skills needed or desire to learn how to help care for the horse. Lessees may be asked to treat and monitor minor cuts and other health issues, help with stall cleaning if the horse is temporarily stalled, and take on greater responsibilities related to barn usage.
Leased Horse Availability
  • As a lessee, you can ride your leased horse when it’s not being used in lessons, other WRR activities, or by your co-lessee (if you have a half lease).
  • Plan your riding time in advance by viewing the Daily Calendar on our website to find lesson horse assignments and other activities such as trail rides. We can help you and your co-lessee with a plan that’s best for you and the horse.
  • If your riding time is limited to a specific day and time each week, you can request that the horse not be used in WRR lessons at that time. WRR will try to accommodate your request.
  • If you come out and WRR is unexpectedly using your horse, you may ride another horse at no cost (or ask if we can use a different horse).
  • If you and your co-lessee need to ride at the same time (outside of lessons), one of you can pay for a practice ride on another horse.
  • If your leased horse is temporarily un-rideable (sick or lame) you may ride another horse at no additional cost.
  • You aren’t required to ride your leased horse in lessons although we encourage you to do so.